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What is it:

PapiSTOP® is a natural cream, which helps eliminating skin warts and papillomas at home.

How does it work?

If used regularly, PapiSTOP can be

  • Good for stopping the growth of papillomas, suppress the HPV, strengthen the immune defenses *
  • Good for stimulating the natural boost of immunity. Thanks to this, it not only helps to get rid of papillomas, but also suppresses the HPV *
  • Good for dealing with papillomas and warts *
  • Good for blocking the replication of papillomas and its activity *


Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Centuries ago, it was only available to Chinese emperors. The tea tree is considered an unsurpassed natural immunomodulator, eliminating infections and viruses within the body. *

Juniper wood oil

It was used by the indigenous people of North America as a multipurpose healing agent. The juniper is called a "natural antibiotic" as it can treat many painful bacterial and viral infections. *

Chelidonium majus

The active ingredient, isolated from the shoots of the plant - hexose glycoside - possesses antiviral and immunomodulating effects. It helps to stimulate the natural production of interferons - protective proteins of the immune system. *

Hedera helix

Contains the biologically active component Juglone, which helps to suppress HPV including strains of carcinogenic type. *

Birch Extract

The flavonoids from the tree have powerful antiviral properties and help to prevent the development of carcinogenic strains. *


This herb from North Asia contains a valuable polysaccharide lentinan, which is effective during upsets of the immune system and oncological diseases. Its extract is used for treating papillomas, polyps, adenomas and myomas. *

How to use

Dispense two to three drops to your fingertips.

Аpply externally to affected area 3 times a day.

Thanks to its natural formula, PapiSTOP is safe for the health.